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The Power of Faith

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During Hurricane Katrina Louvenia, 92, looked to her faith to find solutions.

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HD Videos

The Power of Faith

During Hurricane Katrina Louvenia, 92, looked to her faith to find solutions.

Secret of Happiness Trailer

Gold Member Video

A short film of elders across America explaining the secret of happiness in their eyes (13 minutes)

Mom and the Mercedes

Mr. Ziegler tells the story of his mom racing a Mercedes on a trip.

Voices of Discrimination Trailer

Gold Member Video

A short film with personal stories of discrimination from men and women across America. Includes a Holocaust survivor, Nun from Selma, Alabama, a musician from Holland and much more. (38 minutes)

Battle of the Bulge

Jim, 87, tells his story from his experience of the Battle of The Bulge, the last great push by the Germans in World War II.

Discrimination: Robert's Personal Story

Robert tells us one story about his experience in the Coast Guard Band during a trip to Kentucky.

Geriatric Rag

Andy, 83, reads his poem about medication management in seniors.

Nylons and Chewing Gum from World War II

Mary talks about the lack of nylons and chewing gum from World War II.

Memories of the Liberation of Dachau

In this short interview Chester, 86, provides his memories of the liberation of Dachau and the war.

Global Warming

Jim has his own humorous take on Global Warming. It’s all in the bikinis.

Secret of Happiness

Mr. Ziegler, an amputee, talks about the secret of happiness.

Technology Today

Bill Springer talks about how technology is very different today.


Anna Remembers The Great Depression

Anna, 81, recounts her childhood memories of the Great Depression and considers similarities to this generation.

Caring For Others

Sue talks about growing old in America and the importance of caring for others.

First Date

Find out why Jim's date ties her hair up in a rag.

Standard Format Videos

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is 102 years old and still very healthy. She feels that community service is what keeps her going.


Betty is 90 years old. She discusses love, marriage, family, health and religion.


With early stages of Alzheimer's Roy at 89 recants stories of WWII and his earlier years.

Nancy's Story

Nancy talks about her perspective on aging.

Historic Events

A Tale of WWII

Charlotte tells us about a united country fighting WWII and her perceptions of this time.