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Wills and Estates

Legal Overview

We'll Help Turn the Legalese Into Legal Ease

As a caregiver, you will most likely find yourself assisting in your aging parents or loved ones’ legal matters, as well as their health and finances. It’s a huge responsibility. And all the jargon and fine print can be confusing. Every step in long-term care comes with documents that need to be understood and signed. We’re here to help.

Get It Down on Paper

We have articles and expert help on everything from estate planning to medical directives, including creating a living trust and the importance of a durable power of attorney for both finance and health. Do you think your loved one needs a conservatorship? We walk you through the process. You’ll learn how elder mediation can help some families, when a will really is enough, and much more.

Avoid Letting the Courts Decide

People often put off the unpleasant task of preparing for incapacitating illness and death. It’s natural to want to pretend it will never happen. But in doing so, important choices are left in the hands of strangers, and family members must often deal with loose ends and broken hearts. If your parents’ choices aren’t made clear in legal documents, you may be tied up in drawn out proceedings involving doctors, lawyers, and judges, instead of spending precious time with your loved ones.

Don’t Delay

The important thing to remember is that prompt planning makes a huge difference. Talk to your parents earlier rather than later, so you can ensure that their wishes will be met. (Not sure how to bring up the subject? We’ll help you with that, too.)