An Inspirational Film!

Whiskey and
Apple Pie

"Whiskey and Apple Pie" is a new movie that puts aging into a different perspective. This film takes a fun look at the journey of two 40-somethings who interview men and women over 75 on their wit and wisdom and messages to younger generations. It features Dorothy Height, Mickey Rooney, Tippi Hedren and 30 others in a one hour journey across America. The film is a delicious life recipe for all generations!


Feel Good Film Festival

"It really touched my heart."


Outstanding and insightful

This work is entertaining and fascinatingly informative at the same time. I found it refreshing to watch and listen to the older generation reflect on the values of life and what really matters. The editing is superb and will keep you attentive through the entire performance. Don't miss this one!
-M. Anderson


"An easy, enjoyable film that highlights love of life. Upbeat (for the most part) and will leave you feeling good!"
-Happy Camper Chris


"I was captivated while watching "Whiskey and Apple Pie". Being on the leading edge of the "Boomer" generation, this film got me thinking about my own legacy. What is the message I would give to the generations younger than I am? What does my life say to my family, friends, and others? This film keep me captivated from start to finish. I would highly recommend this to fellow "Boomers" and others."

-J. Paul


Truly a gem

"Two 40-something women set off across the United States to interview older Americans about their lives and their experiences with aging. Whiskey and Apple pie documents these interviews, presenting a funny, endearing, and hope-filled picture of the ingredients to feeling successful, content, and at peace as we age. The interviewees, from celebrities to regular folks from all walks of life, offer insightful wisdom in a manner that is educational, moving, and truly entertaining. This film greatly appealed to me both as a social worker and an adult with aging parents. Truly a gem!"

-A. Detweiler

Incredibly put together, Entertaining

"This Documentary shows what we take for granted from our seniors and how the younger generation can get a lot of it. Our seniors have a lot to offer if we all start listening, they are full of information that most History Books don't have. Also once they are gone the history goes with them and regret what we could have learned."

-D. Coulter

An Inspiring and Wonderful Film

"I watched it twice, and I loved it. I wanted to let you know that. It is such an inspiring and wonderful film...I am a different person now that I have seen it. I would like to share it with everyone I know."

R. Hill

Feel Good!

"I absolutely love your movie! It brings tears - and rightfully so. It's meaningful, beautiful, enjoyable, enduring, and just plain "feel good". Thanks for what YOU have created!!" D. Myers


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