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Adult Day Centers/ Adult Day Health Care

The Answer You May Be Looking For

Imagine this: An inviting, social outlet for your aging parents or loved ones, complete with a staff to tend to their needs and keep them safe. There are two main types of facilities to consider: Adult Day Services, known as ADS, refers to a safe venue for seniors that meets social, emotional, and recreational needs. Adult Day Health Care extends those services to include health and medical for those with cognitive and/or physical impairment. Both types provide supervised care during the day, for as little as a few hours a week to all-day, five days a week. Whether you're looking for a break to run some errands or you need a place for your loved one to go while you go to work, adult day care might be just what you both need.

Hanging Out at the Club

As much as your parent may love you, there's nothing like a little social interaction among peers. Instead of referring to day services as "day care", which implies "childcare" - try calling it "the club." Doesn't that sound more inviting - and respectful? And look for a facility that has a club-like atmosphere. They're out there. Many offer fun organized activities, such as games, crafts, music, exercise, entertainment, and outings. Most have a communal meal, usually lunch. Some even offer supervised kitchens for baking treat...just in case Mom wants to wow her new friends with her rhubarb pie.

Security, Transportation and Other Services

Depending on the needs of your parent and you, you'll want to consider the following:

  • Is wheelchair-access transportation provided?
  • Is transportation closely supervised and monitored?
  • Is there trained staff to administer medication?
  • Are exits locked for those suffering from dementia?
  • Is physical and/or speech therapy provided?
  • What activities are offered?
  • What are the staff credentials?

Where to Look

Adult day services or adult day health care can be a community-based facility or an independent provider. Check with your loved one's doctors. Call Senior Centers. Look in the yellow pages under "Adult Day Care," "Aging Services," or "Senior Services." Check with your Area Agency on Aging (AAA) (Call 1-800-677-1116 for the AAA in your area, or search for them online.) National Adult Day Services Association ( can also assist you in locating high-quality day care centers near you.

An Added Bonus for You

One of the great perks about adult day services is that you'll have the chance to meet others who are facing similar challenges. Both you and your loved one may find yourselves with a whole group of new friends.

For information about paying for adult day services, click here.