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Your Parents, Their Money

We've all been raised to be polite, and never discuss the subject of money with our parents. Instead, we wonder, worry and wait. Do Mom and Dad have a will? How will they pay for healthcare? How much of my own money am I expected to spend if they need help?
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The Ins and Outs of Life Insurance Policies

How do you determine what kinds of life insurance policies are held, what are the costs to maintain these policies, and what benefits are available from them?

First, determine how many policies are held and make a list of the name of each insurance company and the policy numbers.
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Do You Need a DMM For Your Elderly Parents?

It is likely that at some point in your life, you will seek out the services of a Daily Money Managers. (DMM) Often times DMM’s are contacted when a senior citizen can no longer handle the overwhelming business of managing their personal finances and family members live too far away to handle it for them. A DMM can organize and keeping track of financial and medical insurance papers as well as negotiating with creditors and paying bills. They can also provide much needed peace of mind for distant worried family members who often struggle with finding the time to efficiently run their own households. Having a utilities bill paid on time may not seem like a huge help, but a senior is able to maintain their independence or a distant family member knows that their loved ones finances are being handled - it can make all the difference.
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Myths about Reverse Mortgages

When working with clients, I hear this quote all the time, "but someone told me." There are so many brother-in-laws and next door neighbors that have a lot of good advice and knowledge, but reverse mortgages might not be their specialty. Following are four myths of the most frequent myths I would like to bust wide open.
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