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Wisdom of Elders Across America™: Coming 2011

"The Wisdom of Elders Across America™" Documentary

Meet the Cast

“The Wisdom of Elders Across America™” is a moving documentary that brings reverence to an older generation of Americans who have come to us from across the United States and in some cases from around the world.

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Alex: age 86

Alex came to America from Holland at age 20 so he could follow his dream of teaching music in a university. His father had doubts about Alex finding his dream in America but Alex proved him to be wrong.
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Bronia: age 94

Bronia came to America after she was freed from Auschwitz. She tells us how saying “thank you” and not arguing with people (who won’t listen anyway) helped her survive the Holocaust.
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Anna: age 81

Anna started her own business when women stayed at home to raise children. She experienced the civil rights movement in North Carolina and broke the mold by sending her children to an all black school.
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Louvenia: age 91

Louvenia grew up in the woods of Mississippi with 42 brothers and sisters. She tells us we have two choices in life when things get stressful: pray or worry.
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Chester: age 86

Chester harvests over 93 garlics from around the world. He is an author of 13 books, despite ageism from the publishing firms who saw his age and said “Sorry, but no thanks!”