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Build Your Immunity

Deborah Myers

The thing that most people probably fear the most about the coming winter season is catching a cold or flu. But now you can have some instant prevention – your very own fingertips will balance your energy, which will in turn aid your immune, endocrine and adrenal systems to become strong. Strengthening those systems will give your body a firmer foundation and help it function in a state of wellness and fight illness.

One of the easiest and best ways to revitalize your whole body (physical, emotional, and mental) is to do the “Daily Clean Your House Flow”. (Check out the video). In addition, the following “energy movement” will help your body defend itself against colds and flu. It will connect with your “personal anti-biotic”. Use a very light gentle touch and hold for several good breaths.

  1. Cup your right shoulder with your right hand so your fingers are by the inside and upper corner of the shoulder blade.
  2. Cup your left shoulder with your left hand and hold that same area of the back.
  3. Next, while you continue to cup the left shoulder, move your right hand to your right chest just below the collarbone. (This is especially helpful for relief from a sore throat. It will also help if your chest feels congested).

These energy movements are just a few of the many that I teach in my workshops. I love teaching people how good health is really right at your fingertips! Look for a workshop in your area.

Deborah Myers, Certified Acupressurist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and Certified Theta Healing practitioner, is a graduate of the Acupressure Institute, Berkeley, CA and has trained under several Jin Shin Jyutsu masters. She has also studied Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Tui Na, intuitive healing, and has extensive training in women’s health issues. Her background includes degrees in sociology and psychology and careers as a counselor, mediator, and financial consultant.


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