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Essential Oils for Health and Well Being

One of the biggest challenges I see in caregiving is trying to make someone comfortable who may be in pain, either physical or emotional - or both. I have always seen my role in the healing process as a nurturer and a listener. Sometimes I more actively participate by using essential oils to heal, soothe, uplift moods and alleviate pain. These oils can also be used to help soothe and heal yhour own stresses and ailments, so keep them on hand for caregiver care too.

Therapeutic grade essential oils may take away pain in seconds, topically or sometimes just through scent—due to their complex chemistry. They naturally help one relax. They enhance the immune system, improve mental clarity (especially in cases of Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease), aid in normal cell regeneration (cuts, bruises and burns) and cleanse the air.

Donald, diagnosed with cancer last year and only given six months to live, is my miracle man. He was under Hospice care for almost a year. When he was tested just recently the cancer was completely gone. He still smokes. When I come to tidy up his apartment I use a blend of essential oils called Purification in water to neutralize the smell of the smoke, cleanse the air and remove bacteria from the environment in a non-toxic way. I spray countertops, clean toilets and spray in garbage cans. It cleans better than toxic cleaners. I put a few drops on a cloth and put it in the laundry to freshen and clean his clothes. It is a blend of melaleuca, citronella, lemongrass and myrtle. He loves the smell, it improves his mood and the chemical structure will actually help to increase his oxygen intake, all without noxious fumes. When he had an ant problem around the sink I used Peppermint oil around the area and they marched right away. Lavender works too.

I have used essential oils with several elderly clients to uplift moods. The smell may bring back a pleasant reminder and snap them out of a bad mood. I have had tremendous success with Alzheimer's patients (Peace and Calming blend—a blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang, Ylang, Patchouli, Blue Tansy), as essential oils increase mental clarity and even increase sense of smell. (Basil). Gary Young grows, distills and produces the finest grade of essential oils. Young Living Essential Oils are the only therapeutic grade oils in the United States that undergo rigorous testing for purity. Although not widely accepted in Western Medicine, they are a natural alternative to drugs; they may produce results without harmful side effects.

Essential oils from the store are perfume grade. They contain additives and solvents, which can be toxic to the system. Unless they are labeled "Afnor" for purity they may be compromised in some way.

  • Lavender is considered a universal oil. It may decrease pain, heal cuts, bruises and burns, it may help one sleep, calm tension and anxiety and improve cognitive performance. It is especially good for the skin. I used Lavender for Norma, a client in Assisted Living who was concerned about blemishes. Her skin was beautiful, soft and smooth except for a few blemishes. The blemishes went away over night. Lila fell out bed one night. She had bruises all over her body. I put lavender on her bruises and the next day to my amazement they were all gone. Most, if not all, lavender from the store is perfume grade. It contains Lavandin, not pure lavender, and solvents. Do not use on the skin. It may burn.
  • Another Young Living Therapeutic Grade Blend worth mentioning here is Thieves. Thieves essential oil blend is based on a historical account of four thieves in France who protected themselves with clove, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. When captured, these thieves were offered a lighter sentence in exchange for the recipe that protected them from the plague. Thieves essential oil blend was created to offer the same kind of defense against modern airborne bacteria. In fact, studies conducted at Weber State University showed it to have a 99.96 percent success rate against airborne bacteria. I use this blend as an alternative to Purification to clean ovens without toxic side effects, do laundry and clean the whole house with Thieves household cleaner. Thieves blend includes Clove, a strong antibacterial, anti- fungal, anti-parasitic, and antiseptic Cinnamon, has many of the same properties as clove along with being a powerful purifier and oxygenator. It enhances the power of the other oils. Lemon, a great astringent, air disinfectant and germicide. It removes gum, wood stain, oil and grease spots, Eucalyptus Radiata, antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, Rosemary Cineol, antiseptic, anti-infectious.

Other Therapeutic-Grade essential oil tips:

  • Orange - Mood elevating
  • Marjoram - For muscles
  • Birch, Wintergreen - Therapeutic grade only- for pain
  • Basil, Oregano - Antispasmodic
  • Peppermint - for nerves
  • Cypress - for circulation
  • Valor - for strength and courage
  • Panaway - for pain and inflammation
  • Test essential oil on inside of elbow before using
  • If get in eyes or oil is too strong use vegetable oil to dilute

Excerpts taken from Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Lynn Kwitt Lynn Kwitt is originally from New York State. She is a BSW RMT CWC CR. As a caregiver she often uses essential oils in her day to day practices. You can get more information on her Web site at: http://www.wholisticapproaches.com/

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