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Getting Older

Whatever Will Be

Nancy tells us what she thinks about getting older.


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Life Stories

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is 102 years old and still very healthy. She feels that community service is what keeps her going.


Betty is 90 years old. She discusses love, marriage, family, health and religion.


With early stages of Alzheimer's Roy at 89 recants stories of WWII and his earlier years.

Nancy's Story

Nancy talks about her perspective on aging.

Receiving Care

Feeling Grateful

Old age creeps up on us.

What I Want

Nancy talks about the type of care she wants when she is no longer able to take care of herself.

Secret of Happiness

Value of Family

Roy talks about the value of acceptance and family.

Cheerful Acceptance

A quick take on the secret of happiness.

Historic Events

Historic Events

A Tale of WWII

Charlotte tells us about a united country fighting WWII and her perceptions of this time.

Historic Events

The End of the World

Charlotte talks about a couple other memorable moments in history.

Getting Older

Whatever Will Be

Nancy tells us what she thinks about getting older.

Becoming the older generation

Dotty faces the reality of no longer being a daughter after the loss of her mother.

Staying Healthy

The Value of Exercise

Although Mary Ann, 101, has longevity in her family she tells us some techniques to keep her healthy.

Life Challenges

Losing a Child

When Charlotte ran a smoke shop in San Francisco she unexpectedly lost her oldest child.

Message to a Younger Generation

Live Within Your Means

Charlotte believes we have gone too far with credit cards.