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Care Type

Paying for Adult Day Center

Adult day care centers usually start around $25 per day and can go up to $70 or more. The cost varies, depending on the area and the types of services provided. For example, meals and transportation; nursing care; dementia-related care; and physical, occupational and speech therapies are all services that may affect pricing. Many centers adjust their fees with a sliding scale based on income.
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Paying for Home Care

The cost for home health care varies widely, depending on the location and the skill level of services your loved one needs. Housecleaning, personal care assistants, and companions usually run between $7.50 - $15.00 per hour, while home health aides and skilled nursing care are $16 - $25 or more per hour. If you’re thinking of hiring live-in care, the day rate might be around $200, also depending on the level of skills needed, and of course, where your loved one resides.
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Paying for Facility-base Care

Long-term care in a facility adds up quickly. Costs of services in a nursing home can exceed $50,000 per year. Assisted living housing averages $24,000 per year, but varies widely depending on the location and level of services your parent or loved one needs.
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Paying for Respite Care

Family caregivers need to take breaks. That’s a given. But determining how to pay for care for a loved one while you’re away is more complicated. Here are some options to look into:
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Paying for Hospice Care

Home hospice care is generally less expensive than inpatient care at a hospital or facility because the care is tailored to address your parent or loved one’s specific needs. Volunteers provide many of the non-medical services, which further cuts costs.
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